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The core ability of College of Information and Communication Science

Core abilities of AEUST

Core abilities of

College of Information and Communication Science

Ability to Innovate technique

& apply modern tools

1.Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.

2.Ability to perform the techniques and tools required for the implementation of engineering practices.

Collaborate ability to

Cross domain team

1. Ability to design and execute experiments, and analyze data & interpret data.

2.Ability to design and manufacture engineering systems or components.

Ability to Thinking and problem-solving 

under environmental impact

1.Learning about current affairs , understanding the impact of engineering technology on the environment, society and the world,and developing the habit and ability to continuously learn.

2.Understand professional ethics and social responsibilities.

Effective Ability to communicate

1.Ability to manage projects, effective communication and teamwork.

2.Problem solving abilities.